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Managing all Market Research channels
with ONE tool

Checker, a powerful and innovative cloud-based software, that streamlines many of the most important market research functions in one dashboard.

Checker is the only place in the market research industry where capability and convenience intersects. No other software offers the ability to manage all your research channels in one dashboard. Its cutting edge technology that streamlines your operations saving you time and money, and lets you deliver real meaningful, real actionable results to your clients. Read more

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping SoftwareMystery Shopping might be considered as one of the most complex of data collection activities, and many companies find it hard to manage. With full field management, shoppers interface and client reporting and notifications, Checker specializes in bringing together all the tasks involved in mystery shopping research efforts into one place.

Phone Surveys

Phone SurveysManage your call center and also coordinate your surveyors with Checker. Checker helps you in maintaining high productivity, with flexibility.

Field Research

Field ResearchChecker gives you a full solution for face-to-face interviews, which includes an advanced Mobile Application synched with an online solution.

Online surveys

Online surveysGet feedback from the end clients, in multiple channels and in a quick way. Checker gives you the tools to quickly and effectively launch your online survey campaign.

Email Surveys

Email SurveySometimes, having an Email survey campaign can be a real challenge. Checker provides the tools to create surveys, have them distributed, and manage the responses.

SMS surveys

SMS surveysToday's consumers rely heavily on phones. With such a heavy reliance on mobile phones, you should deploy your own SMS or text surveys in Checker, with great ease.

Point of Sale Research

Point of Sale ResearchManage your POS field force, and collect the most accurate shop data. Use Checker's specialized app, with the inherent field management abilities, for efficient operation.