Give your business the right environment to thrive!

Use one flexible platform for all your needs! Create surveys, collect data, perform quality control, create reports, and present them in a creative way to your end clients!

Data collection

Collect data from multiple channels for all projects in one integrated system.

Quality Control

Create your own customized Quality Assurance process in the platform according to your needs.


Submit your findings through a flexible and in-depth reporting mechanism.


Offer your clients customized dashboards updated with the latest data.

System general characteristics

The Checker system comes packed with all the features you need to manage your projects from start to end in a professional manner and with great flexibility:
Full control over the system and settings
Design customizations, even on a user level
Multiple language support
Access according to user permissions set
users, branches, reviews etc.
reviews: SPSS, XLS, PDF etc.
High standards of security, throughout the infrastructure and software levels

Data collection

Collect data in one system for any type of project! You do CAPI, CATI, SMS Surveys, Online Surveys, Mystery Shopping or Retail Audit? We support and developed special features for all of them!
Checker can:
Automate data collection and synthesis from multiple channels.
Integrate multi-channel online and offline data collection. Incorporate mobile apps for shoppers and interviewers.
Provide an intuitive, easy to use input interface.
Provide an automated dialer and offer a call recorder.

Checker Field Surveyor

Now you can collect with one simple tool, directly on the spot, mystery customer evaluations, insights about your business, real clients’ opinions and conduct retail audit projects.
Checker Field Surveyor has specialized features for: CAPI, Mystery Shopping and Retail Audit and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Get Real Data

All conditions and questionnaire logic are also available in the app, minimizing data entry errors.
Monitor fieldwork using the integrated geo-location feature of the app.
The app automatically collects the EXIF data of taken photos, allowing you to check the time and location where it was taken.

Work Offline

Shoppers and surveyors are able to collect data anytime, anywhere using the Checker app on their mobile devices in offline mode.
Surveyors are able to manage quotas while working offline.
The geo-location is recorded even in offline mode.
The app is synchronized with your Checker system once you’re connected back to the internet.

Alternative Languages

Collect data for your multinational projects in a very convenient way!
The Checker app lets you display the same questionnaire in multiple languages for different shoppers/ surveyors, while allowing your clients to see their reports in their own preferred language. 

Live Recordings

Get Live video, full interview audio recording and media file attachment functionality directly from the app, including captures straight from the camera of the device.
Record conversations, get onsite photos and video recording and check interviewer’s or mystery shopper’s location using the EXIF data.

Quality Control

Checker allows you to build your own Quality Control, Editing and Approval workflows.
You can define necessary stages to ensure you get the highest quality data, delegate tasks internally and externally, set automatic approval after a certain period of time for a stage during QC or set custom QC questions and answers to rank the responder’s performance.
Our platform allows you to check all the details of the interview, including: time stamp, geo-location, attached photos or video and audio recordings.
You can make changes to Questions, Sections and Answers even during a project!
Easily adjust projects and apply questionnaire changes done during time effect changes on all COMPLETED reviews.


Checker gives you access to a wide range of predefined Reports to choose from. Either it is scoring reports, statistical reports or excellence reports you will find your need in your Checker system!
All reports are clickable: let your client drill down in-depth and filter by his own and get the data he needs.
NPS, Top-Box, Customized Box-related and special formulas can be easily achieved with no programming. Use KPIs to set standard criteria for branches/ regional managers or to determine if a certain manager will receive a bonus, and even how much.
Custom templates and export
Create your own templates for Excel Reports! Use images, logos, colors, graphs or calculations you need!
Export data in multiple formats like: SPSS, XLS, XSLX, PDF, CSV etc. or automatically export files to a specific email address and/or FTP library.
File Attachments
Add media Files to your client’s Reports with no effort.
Photos will be displayed as a Gallery, while video and audio can be visualized with no installation required, using built-in players.
Client benefits
Notify your Clients by Email or SMS about your research results and send automated push reports.
Communicate with your clients during the reporting stage using the platform.
Create tasks and actions for different users in accordance with the results.

Client Dashboards

Give your clients access to a wonderful world of online updated data and results, any time any place! 

Get an unified zone for all your projects and Market Research methodologies. 
Set the look of your own branded and customized Dashboard.
Get full control of access rights, permissions and hierarchical views management. 
Allow your client to filter the data shown in his dashboard.
Use trends, comparison over periods of time and cross-references etc.