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fieldwork management

How to Use Technology to Improve Fieldwork Management?

Fieldwork management can be a challenging task for any organization, particularly when it comes to managing a large team of field workers who are working remotely. Businesses that require staff to work outside the office or require data to be collected in the field. For instance, businesses in the retail,

inspection app

How to Choose the Right Inspection App for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that workplaces are turning to mobile apps for their inspection needs. With the right inspection app, workplace inspections can be done quickly, easily, and more efficiently than ever before. However, with so many options available, choosing the right mobile app can be overwhelming.

mystery shopping

Providing Mystery Shopping only is not Enough: Expand your scope

We’re at the last stop of discussing the trends for mystery shopping today! On our agenda: why agencies should consider offering more than just mystery shopping to their clients? How can it benefit their business? Why brands are on the lookout for a better, more complex solution? If you haven’t

CAWI online survey

How to Design Effective CAWI Online Surveys for Maximum Response Rates

Conducting a CAWI online survey (Computer Assisted Web Interview) can be an excellent way to collect data for your research project. However, designing an effective CAWI online survey is critical to obtaining the maximum response rate. A well-designed survey can help you collect quality data and avoid wasting respondents’ time.


Checker Wins the Winter 2023 Top Performer Award from SourceForge

We are proud to announce that Checker has won the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website. And it is all thanks to you, our awesome community. This award recognizes companies and products with a significant amount of recent favorable user reviews that put

consumer behavior

Engaging Mystery Shoppers as a Subject for Determining Consumer Behavior

Today we are getting back to exploring mystery shopping trends for 2023. Today on our agenda is an unexpected turn of events – engaging mystery shoppers into learning their consumer behavior. We have noticed that companies started working with them both as subjects and the objects of research. Continue reading

mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping in your pocket: Going mobile

We are continuing our deep dive into the mystery shopping trends of 2023, and today we have using mobile apps to collect data. If your mystery shopping software doesn’t have an app and doesn’t allow gathering data on the go, reconsider ASAP.  It’s not new, though. Mobile technologies have been

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