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CATI Surveys: How to do it right?

2022 is the year of complete digitalization. Before we did see businesses using calls to obtain data from time to time. These days it is considered to be a tactic always at hand. CATI software is now utilized as a tool to automate the process and help eliminate the human

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CX Trends For 2022 And Further

There is no secret already, after years of pandemics, that the current market landscape has changed drastically. Where before brands could overlook certain CX elements, today it is unimaginable.  The market has changed – so did the trends. Brands worldwide react to the new consumer behaviors and priorities. The pandemic

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Presenting Checker’s New Update: Pop-up Surveys Widget

Hello, Checker team here!  More than two years of COVID has forced brands into taking customer experience seriously. With more and more people changing their buying habits and refusing to buy from brands that provide bad customer journeys – data has now become more valuable than gold. We can see

mystery shopping platform

Is Mystery Shopping an Option for Online-only Brands?

In the age we live in, it is not uncommon to see a brand that steers away from physical shops, preferring to only operate online. Especially over the last few years or the pandemic raging. It’s safe and saves tons of money. But how do you really check the quality

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Switch to a New Market Research Software For a More Efficient 2022

Every market research agency once comes to a place of having to change their software. The reasons can differ, maybe it doesn’t allow for scalable growth, or they need a wider variety of tools. Most companies set paths for automatization wanting to make their workflow easier. However, the decision to

quality of survey data

The Importance of Checking the Quality of Survey Data

When brands engage in any CX or VoC research they expect real, reliable survey data out of it. After all, their business decisions depend on it. In order to create a successful brand strategy, it should be based on results that reflect reality.  That is exactly why the issue of

bad feedback

Receiving Bad Feedback: It’s Actually a Good Thing

Imagine the situation, you have been working days and night on something, put your body and soul into it. All you receive at the end is bad feedback. You must be devastated! But wait, what if we told you this is exactly what you need?  As statistic reports, most users

presenting survey results

Present Survey Results To End-Clients Like a Pro

If you have been to our blog more than once you definitely know what would be the best way to conduct marketing research and customer experience surveys – with the help of Checker. However, gathering insights is only half the job. Presenting them is the other one. Being a professional

mystery calling

How Mystery Calling Can Help a Business

Mystery Calling is a play-pretend practice, akin to mystery shopping campaigns. During such calls, a caller pretends to be a customer and evaluates the services they receive.  Just as the mystery shopping campaign mystery calling can help with a variety of things. After all, it’s all about improving the customer

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