MSPA: Photo Recap

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Dear community!

As you probably already know, we had an incredible opportunity to visit the MSPA conference in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal a few days ago. Just take a look at these views, breathtaking!


Now that we’ve returned home, it is time to look back and update you guys on how it went.

First of all, we were incredibly happy to meet some of our old friends, colleagues, and like-minded professionals: it was an awesome chance to reconnect and discuss the latest trends in the Mystery Shopping industry.

mspa mystery shopping
Kristina, Checker’s Global Sales/Account Manager with our old friend Eugene Lobanov!
Kristina and Maria with Tomohiro Tsuzuki and Shinozaki Shingo from AJIS!

Secondly, we had a great time learning new facts, and new directions, and discussing how the wind changes in the Mystery Shopping niche. Checker’s been advocating for implementing the new, hybrid approach for quite some time now, and at the event, we saw that this is exactly where the industry is heading. Mystery Shopping as a standalone practice is getting pushed away by a hybrid model of offering mystery shopping + customer experience + VoC + VoP + VoE. 

And last but not least, we got to network, make new acquaintances, and have lots of fun these few days. 

It was awesome: we’re barely home, but we cannot wait to visit the next MSPA event! 

So, see you then!