Advanced Integrated Platform for Mystery Shopping

Streamline Your Entire Mystery Shopping Workflow with Checker Full-Fledged Enterprise Solutions.

Fieldwork & Shoppers Management

With this feature, you can assign jobs according to your needs or publicize them to shoppers that match your criteria.

You can rank shoppers according to previous performance and even block certain interviewers and shoppers in specific locations based on previous jobs.


Now communication will constantly be with your shoppers, and you will be able to manage shopper’s payments directly in the system.

Our mobile data collection app and online system use shopper job boards for easier assignments and self-management.


Full Project Management Workflow

A complete visibility and control for project managers from project setup to CRM and API integrations for better client management.

Shopper Portal and Data Collection

It is possible to customize your questionnaire’s look and brand it with your client’s image. Allow your shoppers to choose the language they fill the questionnaires in. With display conditions and validation rules, you will make sure your data is introduced accurately.

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Advanced Client Reporting and Dashboards

Manage multiple projects at the same time from start to end with CheckerMS

CheckerMS is an advanced Mystery Shopping software that offers a full project management workflow inside and out. Open new opportunities with our dedicated features to easily manage multiple projects at the same time, real-time data insights to measure your KPIs, tracking tools, and various reporting features.

Discover Benefits of Checker Surveys

Qualified Shoppers

Qualified Shoppers

Checker feature facilitates automated shopper training and certification to produce well-prepared and qualified shoppers to perform and deliver desirable results.

Better Connectivity

Better Connectivity

Seamless communication between operation departments, shoppers and clients, improves relationships and reduces miscommunications along with the complete project flow (auto alerts, push notifications/reports via email and SMS)

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Streamlined activities across the entire workflow reduces duplication of work, errors from manual efforts, and higher accuracy of data updates / work status from one centralized system.

Higher Quality Data

Higher Quality Data

Enforcement of automated rules and logics inside the questionnaire setup will ensure that quality data is being collected during the data collection process, increasing the chance of data usability and reduced faulty submissions by the shoppers.

Quick to Instant Deliveries

Quick to Instant Deliveries

All insights and LIVE updates are accessible at anytime, and from anywhere. At any point in time where any data is newly processed, your reports will also be updated and displayed instantly in the system and dashboards - enabling you and your end-clients to make data-driven decisions on the go!

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