Checker Multichannel Solutions for Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Need customized programs to evaluate and improve the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Leverage our solid expertise to monitor and track all customer touchpoints, get clients’ feedback, and measure satisfaction in an all-in-one integrated platform.

CheckerCAPI, F2F Surveys

Conduct your face-to-face interviews (even offline) easily and efficiently with the help of a dedicated mobile app that is equipped with survey responsive automation and multimedia files capturing during the entire data gathering process.

Checker Retail Audits

Need to monitor if retail products are where they should be on-shelf, to check if a promotional campaign has been implemented in full or if overall pricing is according to a standard? Checker provides all the tools you need to performyour Retail Audits easily on mobile.

Checker CATI for Phone Surveys

Implement phone surveys with little effort and no need for the special hardware equipment. Manage your interviewing workforce and keep track of your projects’ evolution using the systems special features for call center management.

Checker Online Surveys

Easily create branded online surveys and distribute them in effective ways: with QR codes, send invitations by email, SMS or WhatsApp, or directly publish the link on social networks.

Checker Email Surveys

Use Checker’s specialized email survey solution to successfully get feedback from consumers, communities, panelists, employees, etc. Optimize Checker’s self-managed distribution engine and automatic mechanism to send invitations by quotas and response trackings.

Checker SMS Surveys

Contact your survey respondents directly on their mobile! The module works for offline SMS as well as for smartphones. Automatize the process by connecting your client’s CRM with the Checker system, so all data is collected and processed instantly!

Explore Benefits for Your Business

Checker empowers you with all the solutions you need for different types of Survey Tracking, Customer
Experience and Voice of Customer measurements across multiple channels and devices.
With our robust KPIs and brand tracking metrics you will get continuous real-time
performance measurement of your market-research projects.

Unlimited users, projects, questionnaires, reports,dashboards

Customization of interface screens & access permissions

Easily import & export your data

API integration

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

GDPR compliant

Need to conduct a research? We can help you with that!

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