Voice of Employee: Why needed

Voice of Employee

By now, everyone has heard of Voice of Customer – an essential set of techniques that will help any business adjust its operations to achieve great results in the end. But the first step to success is always the team and their involvement in the whole process. This is when Voice of Employee surveys come into play. Today, we will learn how you can grow your brand by meeting the needs of your employees.

What does the Voice of Employee mean?

Voice of Employee research is here to help brands pinpoint employees’ ideas, struggles, hopes, and suggestions at the workplace. In the end, the employer is able to find out if employees feel unheard or overlooked, and what can be changed for the better in order to:

  • Improve workplace culture;
  • Boost productivity;
  • Improve employee satisfaction.

Why is Voice of Employee important?

Once the employee feels like their needs are not met they start looking for another employer – it is as simple as that. Low retention can hinder work operations: new employees need to be trained, which takes time, and money. If they do not quit but still feel like their ideas are not needed and taken into consideration, their motivation to work hard and themselves into the process naturally drops. Which directly affects the brand’s growth and even revenue.

So, the voice of employee research is important if you are adamant about boosting Employee retention, Employee engagement, and Employee satisfaction.

What Voice of Employee surveys can I try?

There is a list of surveys you can try to learn just how much your employees enjoy working with you.

Job satisfaction survey: helps to gather information about your staff’s overall mood. See just how many needs your job satisfies with similar questions:

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with: Connection with your team workers/Workload distribution/Clarity of responsibilities, etc.

Employee engagement survey: how passionate are your employees about what you do? Are they enthusiastic about the job or do just the bare minimum?

Ask questions that will help measure your staff’s motivation levels and the current level of engagement in the job: 

Do you receive constructive feedback from your manager?

Is there a strong feeling of teamwork and participation in the organization?

Do you see positive career growth in this organization?

Do you feel the amount of work allotted to you is reasonable?

Exit interview survey: if the employee did decide to quit, make sure you learn exactly what pushed them to, and what can be improved to keep the ones you value most.

Why have you decided to leave?

Have you voiced your criticisms in the past and how do you feel that was handled?

How did you find the atmosphere in the team?

Would you recommend us as a place to work to a friend?

Checker can help!

Whatever survey you decide to implement, Checker is just the right solution for you to do so. As an all-in-one CX and VoE platform, it will allow you to easily create survey campaigns, that will be running constantly and regularly: this way you can stay consistent with your research.

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