Capture Customer Feedbacks Directly on Mobile with Checker Surveys Software

Extend your project’s reach by sending surveys to the respondent’s mobile and automatize the process by connecting your client’s CRM with the Checker system!

Optimize Your Customer Experience by Improving Response Rates Across Various Channels

With Checker CAWI, you can collect customers’ feedback via: 

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Email Surveys

SMS Surveys

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Online Surveys

WhatsApp Surveys

Explore Multiple Modes of Surveys Distribution

Client’s Website

Direct your website visitors to your survey by using banners, pop-ups, or other visuals.


Use mobile devices to display surveys on a loop allowing individuals to complete surveys on the spot (in conferences, exhibitions, in-store, etc.)

Direct Links

Use Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or email to distribute the survey link.

QR Codes

Integrate QR codes on invoices, packaging, printed/ digital materials, and direct people to your survey.

Discover Benefits of Checker CAWI

Quick and easy setup​

Quick and easy setup

Simplified user-friendly builder to easily create mobile responsive and personalized questionnaires in short time.

Sample Management

Efficiently manage sample databases with the flexibility of manually inputting new databases or auto importing. All data will be validated and unified automatically.

Customized survey settings

Full control over survey sending time, chilling period, quotas, personalized messaging, and more.

Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine

Integrate your FTP/APIs and leverage Checker's automated distribution process in various modes, based on quota & survey settings

Data Collection

Optimize both online and offline data collection methods across multiple channels and easy-to-use input interface.

Advanced performance tracking

Advanced performance tracking

Get access to live updates, status reports, performance KPIs and project results in visualized analytics - all with Checker's robust reporting features.

Get Instant Updates and Reporting for Your End Clients

Optimize your surveys with real-time reporting and consolidating data

Real-Time Data

Dashboard displays live results and quota updates, all accessible online.

Mobile Responsive

Optimize both online and offline data collection methods across multiple channels and easy-to-use input interface.

Client Action Tool

Leave comments in report/assign tasks by the result.

Brand Customization

Get personalized interface design & report structure, user access by hierarchy.

Push Reports

Auto/push reports sent via email to a client.

Consolidated Reports

Automatically unify results from multiple sources and timeframe.

All Your Vital Analytics and KPIs in One Customized Dashboard

Optimize your survey performance across all channels with real-time reporting in one dashboard. Choose the best avenue to reach out to audiences.

With Checker Customer Surveys, you will:
– Drive better response rates
– Collect high-quality data
– Get fast and real-time feedbacks from stakeholders
– Obtain multi-mode survey distribution and engine across various touchpoints and devices.

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Optimize Checker Integrated Tools For Full CAWI Workflow Management

Project setup

Database Management

Data Collection


Client Reporting

Data Quality & Security