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Discover Core Values and Benefits with CheckerCAPI Mobile Solution

With Checker CAPI, you can collect data faster and more efficiently. Cut data entry costs and get more reliable data to generate insights for your clients.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

The app is synchronized with the online system and is designed to work perfectly in remote areas without internet connection.

CAPI Multilinguality


Get higher engagement with respondents due to the ability to localize your survey interactions by changing the language for the app interface and created questionnaires.

CAPI Secured Job Board

Secured Job Board

All access to interviewers is protected by user permission and password in the mobile app.

CAPI Data Quality Validation

Data Quality Validation

Detect data errors and ensure successful accomplishment and quality feedback by optimization of predefined conditions and validation rules.

CAPI Quota Updates

Quota Updates

With quota status updated automatically in the app, you will see work progress to avoid its duplication or delay.

CAPI Built-in Media

Built-in Media

Capture every live emotions and expressions of your respondents with built-in multimedia features for pictures, live audio/ video recordings, and signatures.

CAPI Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Get instant alerts, personal instructions, or fieldwork updates with app built-in communication features.

CAPI GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

All interviews will be tracked with embedded geo- location proof feature to ensure sampling validity and distribution accuracy.

Be creative and Customize Your Personal Face-to-Face Interviews According to Your Needs

Leverage the high flexibility of Checker drag&drop questionnaire builder to easily create personalized and responsive survey forms – without any coding or scripting skills and in a few steps.

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Key Features

See How You Can Use Checker Platform to Optimize Shoppers Management.

Dynamic variables

Present your surveys with various question types, scales, and predefined answers, adding icons, videos, pictures, and animated elements for better survey interactions.


Set advanced automation features to facilitate the relevance of interaction flow and data quality, including routing logic, display conditions, validation rules, mandatory enforcement, and proof attachment.


Setup multiple language versions of the survey for on-site localization purposes.

Brand customization

Personalize your surveys with corporate identity to increase brand engagement and survey experience.

GPS Tracking

All interviews will be tracked with embedded geo- location proof feature to ensure sampling validity and distribution accuracy.

Track Your Performance Effectively with Checker Progress Reports

Checker comprehensive operation tools and tracking reports give you full control over your CAPI project progress, interviewer capacity, and target achievements.

Quota Management

Quota Management

Define simple to complex fieldwork quotas and actions to perform when a quota is reached.

Interviewer Assignments

Allocate tasks to interviewers individually or in bulks of assignments with the profile matching process.

Progress Monitoring

Generate progress reports to stay updated on each interviewers & job allocations, execution progress, and completion rates.

DQ Control

Rank the quality of materials and each interviewer& performance with comprehensive data and interface, editing tools, and built-in multimedia file manager.

Get Instant Results Displayed On Your End-Client Dashboards

All data and multimedia files unified in one place

Forget large files attachments, extra storage, or sending reports separately. Let your clients access full statistical reports online, plus the ability to directly view and play multimedia files attached to the reports within one interface.

Interactive and drill-down reports capabilities

All reports on dashboards are interactive and come with filtering options by date, topics, questions, role access. Every result can be drilled-down to individual question and answer levels for richer report viewing experience.

Action-driven tools

Action-driven tools
Allow your clients to interact and leave comments inside the dashboard to drive immediate action based on the results displayed. Each step taken will also be recorded and updated seamlessly online.

Client automated notifications

Notify your Clients by Email or SMS about completed interview reports. You can generate automated Push reports to be sent periodically or by scenario-based triggers directly to your client’s email.