Already running CATI projects or a Call Centre business? Go Remote.

Already running CATI projects or a Call Centre business? Go Remote.

If you are already active in conducting CATI or running a Call Centre operation, but your entire team has been using office-bound computers and hardware structures..

then even the pandemic is causing abrupt disruption to your daily operations due to access to workplace restrictions – when work from home is enforced. 

You might be facing one or more of these challenges: 

  • Employees not able to carry out work like normal due to lack of proper structure or equipment as per setup in office or call centre. 
  • Concern for security in terms of access to system outside the office and storage of information. 
  • More difficult to monitor your CATI operators and project performance when working from home. 

Start Moving Your CATI & Call Centre Team To Work From Home – PERMANENTLY – for better ROI

As we have learned in the past few months, working from home is definitely a good way to keep your business running.. and if you need more reasons, here’s to name a few:

Why you should move your CATI & Call Centre online and work remotely. 

  • Cost saving and hassle free, with cloud system – Directly access CATI system via web browser. No software download / configurations / external hardware installation. 
  • Easy scaling, more opportunities to grow – Your full operation is built in the cloud system and supported by multi-lingual capabilities, enabling easy expansion without additional cost of workspace setup and global project handling. 
  • Remote workspace accessible anytime, anywhere – All your CATI / Call centre workforce get access to their own online portals to carry out their roles productively – from their computer, at the comfort of their homes.  
  • Live monitoring, for productivity control – Managers can easily monitor the performance of each team member and track project progress in the online dashboard at any time – even without going to office. 

* * * 

Tips to control your data and remote team performance

Provide flexibility to access workspace online anytime – Enable your team with a secured web-based CATI portal, their own workspace access, from the comfort of their homes.​

Utilize CATI audio records – Use audio records during calls to capture the actual voice of customers (mood, tone) to increase validity & authenticity. ​

Optimize questionnaire logics & rules – A well setup questionnaire increases survey relevance & completion rates. Preset rules and logics to help navigate interviewers according to respondents’ answers effectively. ​

Conduct Live monitoring for quality control – Project managers should listen in the background or join the conversation during calls for random samples to spot check on interviewer performance and data quality. ​

Track & measure – Display all related reports in a live dashboard to track in real-time : project progress, status of calls, interviewer capacity levels, results of interviews…etc. to have a quick overview on what actions to be taken immediately. ​

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