Full-Fledged Phone Survey & Call Centre Management Software for Your CATI Projects

Seamless phone integration and advanced features of CATI Software will facilitate your effective communication flow and drive tangible results

Performance-driven Tools

Provide secured access to self-serving Surveyor Portal specially built for your interviewers, outsourced partners or home-based freelancers, so they can start working at any time and efficiently. Every assignment and performance can be controlled and monitored live by your project managers inside their operation panel.

Data quality control

Optimize a comprehensive data handling interface, editing tools and built-in multimedia file manager to validate all your results. Rank the quality of materials and each interviewer&performance.

Flexible dialing options

Activate manual or auto dial (automatically call the next record in the sample according to preset quota and priorities)

Priority Settings

Set your survey priorities -prioritize certain records according to project needs.

Performance metrics

Define performance targets by reviews per hour, average call duration, capacity rate, etc.

Audio recording attachment

Automatically attach call recordings to completed surveys according to permission

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Customize CATI for Interviewers According to Your Needs

Every interaction along the survey flow will be supported by automation features and administrative tools to ensure that each sample is managed efficiently.

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Call status indicators

Mark your calls with custom status to indicate the real situation of each sample. All custom status is fully customizable to your business needs.

Integrated call dialer and recorder

Use the simplified click-to-call automated dialer to start the survey or allow your interviewers to go to the next assigned record in the sample manually.

Appointment scheduler

For unanswered or incomplete surveys, interviewers can tag them with "call another time" indicator, and directly reschedule the calls with the embedded scheduler. In addition, they can leave a personal comment inside the survey as reference.

Multilingual and timezone options

Interviewers can change the timezone settings and language options of the entire interface and questionnaires to enable a more natural flow of speech and localized survey ambience.

Interview flow relevance and personalization

Optimize personalized scripts and special instructions in between survey questions to guide interviewing conversations or to prompt for more detailed answers along the entire call.

Caller IDs customization

Adjust the caller ID displayed to the respondent according to the country / region, showing as local number to increase response rates.