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Mystery shopper project in 8 countries set up in a couple of days. Data that can be extracted was all that it needs to be. Turnkey in it's true sense.
During our cooperation since 2012 I have seen them grow and develop their services and capabilities. They also listen to customer suggestions for improvement. I particularly appreciate the support I receive. I can definitely recommend the software and the company as a good cooperation partner.
Overall experience is that I'm really satisfied with the Checker, the features this software has and the people who are working in Support department who will help you any time of the day.
Working with Checker increased our growth and cut our operational costs.
Our partnership with Checker Software Systems leveraged our capabilities.
Quick response, remain relational / building bridges. Good data processing solution and thorough support!
Thank you for your excellent support. Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!
The platform is innovative with new features added frequently. Even the most basic online reports are very good. There is a large variety of data that can be produced from Checker, and this gives a lot of power to us and to our clients.
In my opinion, the most important thing you have been doing and should continue to do so, are the constant updates of the system in order to optimize and facilitate their use. I also want to stress the importance that a good Account Manager has throughout the process, both in terms of availability and support, as I have had...Above all the rapidity of use, ease of access, and query results.
Checker is very simple to operate. The learning curve is very reduced, compared with other software providers. We don’t need to be programmers and we can focus on our core business: mystery shopping. ​ Checker is always receiving new features and all our needs are fully fulfilled. The response time of the support team is “real-time”. What impressed us most? Flexible automatic scheduling, complete report area, highly customizable interface, the graphics generator and the most important part of all: They care about us!​ ​Don’t worry about creating and developing software to manage your company. Checker can do this for you​.
When we knew about Checker Software in 2012, we were so surprised about its high spec technology. Shopper, Client, and Management interface are very smart compared to our original, own developed software (the cost accounted for 20% of our total sales). After we started using Checker Software, the percentage decreased from 20% to 2%, and our company has been becoming more profitable since then.
In 2 or 3 months after using Checker, we got 100% clear of papers. We learned very fast on using notifications and to know in real time when something was out of schedule. In time, we used the reporting system in Checker more and more, and now 8 out of 10 of our projects are reported to the final client using Checker.
Thanks to Checker we have increased our productivity and efficiency. We were able to monitor fieldwork in real time and collect data in one place. Checker's reports allowed us to monitor progress of work better and take action to fix problems. We were able to visualize results on client dashboards...We had a goal to provide a user-friendly interface and reports to our clients. Our clients have noted improvements in this direction.

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