Integrated Solution for CX & Voice of Customer Management

Measure customer experience & satisfaction, and Voice of Employee for faster growth. Easily, efficiently, effortlessly.

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Today, more and more brands are looking for solutions that will help them measure customer satisfaction, the voice of customers, and the voice of the process. Their need — your opportunity to tap into this market.​
  • Seal the deals more often. It is easier to sell to your existing clients, and to the new ones.

  • Help your clients in a crisis. Above 50% of customers are ready to switch to a competitor with a better CX. Thus, brands nowadays are actively looking for ways to improve their CX and retain their client base.

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With Checker, any business will be able to:

Continuously gather data on CX and VoC from multiple channels

Learn what the customers want and need, cater better services, and increase the revenue.

Analyze the information, viewable on consolidated live reports

Never miss any piece of information: reports are updated automatically in real-time.

Cut the costs: use one solution for any type of report

Checker is a holistic solution for all things CX and VoC: from A to Z.

Why Checker?

Checker is a comprehensive solution that can be introduced to any workflow, at any stage, and for any type of brand. Efficient CX research paired with 360* operational management & automation will help businesses create long-lasting and trusted relationships with their clients
  • One solution for all types of CX and Voice of Employee survey campaigns: big or small.
  • One solution for an entire process: data collection, analysis, reports, etc.
  • Robust KPIs and brand tracking metrics to get continuous real-time data.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Automated processes to save time.
  • API integrations.
  • Consolidated live reports and responsive dashboards.

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Business serving brands, big retailers and B2C companies.

Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Consultants

System integrators and
resellers of IT systems

Digital transformation

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