Automate data entry for better efficiency

Automate your survey data collection for faster, more reliable, richer results! Replace old school pen and paper, eliminate redundant data entry cost and manage fieldwork progress on the go! 

Improve efficiency with mobile data gathering. Market research activities, CX / VoC measurements and mystery shopping programs have been valuable sources of consumer insights that fuel action-driven decisions among businesses, big and small.  

With the advancement of mobile technology, research activities in general has also transformed in so many ways including improved efficiency for survey assignments and results handling, higher voluntary participation in more creatively designed surveys, and enhanced accessibility for geo-challenging samples reach.  

 Advantages of going mobile in research: 

  • Cost effective 
  • Convenience 
  • Access 
  • Speed

Automate data entry for higher cost effectiveness

Going mobile is one of the best way to reach your target audience and generate results in a more cost effective way.

Compared to the traditional pen-and-paper surveys which takes so much effort and resources in producing hardcopies of surveys, transporting them to fieldwork locations, and getting people to spend the time filling-in by hand…

Nowadays every important data collected is just a tap away or via mobile voice-to-text transcribers, and all responses can be saved into the database or information gathering system.  

The common issues of tedious and manual data-entry struggles with hand-written texts, incomplete surveys, proper storage of filled forms, printing wastage…can all be better controlled or skipped altogether! 

Convenience of mobile data collection

Mobile data collection tools come in really handy for researchers when conducting face-to-face surveys or interviews on site. With the aid of mobile interface, the experience of completing a questionnaire can be made more fun by creating interactive surveys with creative medias like videos, pictures or animated presentations.  

Researchers can also gain a wider access to target audience through their preferred mode of communication on mobile – be it via QR code scan, SMS, Email or social media accounts.

Chances of getting voluntary participation from respondents is also higher if the environment is less “forcing”. Response providers will have the flexibility to complete a survey from anywhere and anytime, comfortably in their own mobile devices – rather than being pushed to complete a hand-written form on site.

Better access to data source

Building sufficient, relevant and active panels or research participants can be challenging especially for specific research objectives and target profile requirements (demographics, geographical points, purchase behaviour or social habits).  

New participant acquisition and screening with geolocation data can be more effectively managed with mobile interface and connectivity.

While not everyone is actively using the desktop or laptop in daily life, but almost everyone has a mobile phone with high usage frequency compared to any other devices owned especially when accessing social media and instant messaging accounts. 

Speed for deliveries

Mobile research activities enhance the possibility to generate instantaneous results as survey questions are answered in real-time, especially for surveys that aim to achieve immediate reactions towards a certain satisfaction rating or customer experience studies.  

This is highly valuable for businesses that need to take immediate action to turnaround a negative situation when being alerted on alarmingly low performing results at the right moment of time – in most cases, for exit surveys.