Avoiding Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery Shopping Scams Measures

No one is safe from fraud in today’s world—unfortunately, the mystery shopping industry is not an exception.

What is Mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a practice that helps to understand the experience of customers better. It implies field-based research made by independent auditors who pretend to be customers. They are called “mystery shoppers.” They visit a particular business branch and gather information about the quality of service delivery and product.

What is the current mystery shopping scamming situation?

Spoiler alert: the situation is not very pleasant.

You might have seen a few articles popping up here and there about people being offered to make billions by performing a mystery shopping job – it ended up being a scam. Since the COVID pandemic started, scammers did not hesitate to jump in and earn from the people in need. 

On the other hand, if we check the other side of the same coin, research companies offering mystery shopping opportunities sometimes also meet fraudsters which compromise the collected data. Not wanting to perform the job, ‘shoppers’ fill out the questionnaire in a hit-or-miss fashion without attending the location.

Both parties need to have additional measures to ensure that the cooperation everybody signed for is performed diligently.

There is a solution, however!

Realizing that the issue of mystery shopping scams is only growing, Checker – Professional Platform For Mystery Shopping Providers  – has introduced an anti-fraud program helping both mystery shopping provider agencies and mystery shoppers to mitigate the risks of being scammed.

Checker anti-fraud tools 

GPS tracking

Since the shoppers mostly perform the visits and fill out the questionnaires using their cellphones, the Checker app tracks where the review started and where it was submitted. This way, it is easy to check if the shopper, in fact, visited the needed mystery shopping location.

Time and date stamps

This function places a time stamp on the pictures the reviewer takes using the app. Such functionality will allow you to confirm the exact date when this picture was taken.

Validation questions

This option will pull up a random question from the questionnaire again at the very end. The idea is to see if the reviewer picks the same answer twice. You will be able to see if there are any discrepancies right away.

Transparent payments

For shoppers, it is crucial to see how much exactly they will be paid for performing any job. They can check and seek any suitable offer they are willing to take. Also, every order states precisely how much money the shopper can spend on the job to be later compensated. No grey areas.

No application fees

In Checker, you can easily apply for a job – with no scammy fees to be paid upfront. Some visits require a specific certificate – which is created inside the program by a company. But, they are all free to take.

Work for legitimate mystery shopping provider agencies

Checker is a professional platform for mystery shopping providers: shoppers predominantly work with agencies, not with separate clients. 

checker anti-fraud measures

Avoiding mystery shopping scams can be a tricky job – with fraudsters getting more elaborate every time we take a breath in, so it seems. But in Checker, we take security very seriously: both for mystery shoppers and mystery shopping research companies alike. We have been offering the aforementioned anti-scam measures for years now, and we can proudly say that there were no frauds reported. 

If you still are not sure if you should pick Checker as your go-to mystery shopping research software, please visit our website to understand the potential to its fullest. Security is an important step, yet it is not the only one towards an all-in-one mystery shopping platform that is Checker.

You can also book a demo, and we will gladly show you around and answer all your questions. Stay safe with Checker.