Checker Main Sponsor ASSIRM Market Research Forum, Milan

The ASSIRM 2019 Market Research Forum was held at the Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan Italy on 29th October 2019. The theme for this year was “Design the future. Research, Strategy, Insight and Data Intelligence for business growth “.  Checker participated as a Sponsor, Exhibitor and Workshop Speaker.  

ASSIRM is an association that brings together major Italian companies that perform Market Research, Opinion Polls and Social Research. ASSIRM members are private and independent companies, committed to compliance with the Assirm Code of Professional Ethics and related Quality Standards, inspired by ISO 20252 industry standards and updated by the Assirm Quality Committee.

The Marketing Research Forum is organized by Assirm every year in Milan. It is a key event with a large number of participants, including more than 500 representatives of Research Companies, Research Buyers, Communication and Consulting Agencies. 

As a main sponsor, Checker presented a speech in one of the workshop sessions, entitled “Optimize the Hybrid Effects of Mystery Shopping and Multi-Channel CX Solutions”.  This theme touches on how our digitalized era has significantly transformed the voice of customers, which can affect any brand’s soaring success, or unfortunate downfalls, and how research agencies need to shift their gears in helping brands stay competitive.  

Get full details of sponsorship here : https://www.assirmforum.it/it/checker-soft-2/ ASSIRM interview with Natalia Kovalenko : https://www.assirmforum.it/it/intervista-a-checker/
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It is no longer a one-way marketing, but two-ways communications that makes up strong brand positioning for brands across almost every industry.

A brand’s reputation can pretty much be impacted positively or negatively – due to the vast online and social channels which openly “displays” a customer’s experience and satisfaction levels.   

Research agencies play important roles in helping businesses control their brand reputation with an active approach – by capturing every customer experiences during various touchpoints via CX surveys, in combination with regular Mystery Shopping audits – to ensure that a brand’s internal standards of operation is strictly implemented to be on par with market expectations. 

Combine insights from CX Surveys + Mystery Shopping standards audits for better brand positioning.

In essence, the combination of these two approaches: insights from CX Surveys + Mystery Shopping Standards Audits, gives researchers the ability to optimize all aspects of multiple data sources into a more holistic view, and translating them into enhancement of brand positioning that is directed for optimal customer centricity.  

With the rapid change in market behaviour and extensive user generated data from so many sources, the entire process of handling and delivering these results, however, can be extremely overwhelming especially for smaller agencies with minimal resources and capacity. 

There’s the constant pressure to invest in new solutions, adapt to more effective operational workflows, expansion of resources, skills and cost management in the most effective way.  

The resolution for these hurdles is integration. Research agencies can and should, start embracing the power of integrated systems moving forward, to enhance internal capabilities efficiently, for not just better deliveries and operational management, but also harness the potential to scale up, in this digital research era for the long run. 

The workshop speech was proudly presented by Checker’s Account Manager, Natalia Kovalenko. Joined us on stage was our partner client, Stella Kochen Susskind,  CEO – SKS CX Customer Experience Consultancy Brazil. 


Get full details of sponsorship here : https://www.assirmforum.it/it/checker-soft-2/ 

ASSIRM interview with Natalia Kovalenko : https://www.assirmforum.it/it/intervista-a-checker/ 

Checker Team at ASSIRM 2019 Market Research Forum Milan