Managing The Impacts of COVID-19 in Your Business

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting everyone around the world and inevitably, businesses in every sector. It’s a tough time.

Brand profits are shaken and budgets are reprioritised, causing disruptions in normal operations even for mystery shopping agencies and CX consultants alike – cancellation of mystery shopping visits, postponement of field related contracts, losses due to projects on halt… as a consequence of change in consumer behaviour, public areas lock-downs and social distancing.

Moving Online

In all of this chaos, demand and market expectations are changing. Everyone is moving online for their daily activities – web communications, e-learnings, and especially online purchases. This trend will affect overall brand customer service and experience.

It’s time to reinforce your Mystery Shopping, F2F or any fieldwork related business models with digital service expansions. In light of this current situation and your business continuity efforts, Checker offers online CSI/ CX modules that are highly operational cost saving and result-driven – so you can continue serving your clients without compromising their budget sensitivity at this point of time.

Develop Your Mystery Shopping and Research Business Continuity During The COVID-19 Crisis

#1  Mystery Calls

Instead of visits, enable shoppers to conduct mystery calls directly from their homes. Brand standards evaluations can still be easily setup and executed with Checker VOIP system that comes with automated dialling and recordings attached to each review.

#2  CSI/CX Emails

Get up close and personal with customers, especially for brands that have a solid database of loyal and regular contacts. Carefully crafted invites with clear survey objectives can help brands detect pain-points of their customers on a case-by-case basis.


Reach more people on mobile! SMS is still one of the most cost effective and efficient way for customer satisfaction evaluations at scale. Checker offers automated distribution system for both online and offline SMS texting survey modes.

#4  CSI/CX Calling

Personal callings is a good alternative for more personalised interactions. This is especially useful for collecting detailed insights which can be achieved via probing throughout the conversations. Plus, audio recordings will also capture the real voice of the customers and emotions attached to their responses.

Why is it important to take this approach?

For business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis, and after it’s over

Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to build and sustain connections with their customers online. Out of sight and loosing touch may cause further negative impacts in terms of sales and potentially brand loyalty.

According to a recent article by McKinsey : “Some sectors, like aviation, tourism, and hospitality, will see lost demand (once customers choose not to eat at a restaurant, those meals stay uneaten). This demand is largely irrecoverable… In consumer goods, for example, customers may put off discretionary spending because of worry about the pandemic but will eventually purchase such items later, once the fear subsides and confidence returns. These demand shocks—extended for some time in regions that are unable to contain the virus—can mean significantly lower annual growth.”

To preserve brand competitiveness, businesses need to stay in touch with their customers at different touch points along the customer journey, to understand their changing expectations, identify the pain-points that need immediate action to rectify them, and solve case-by-case scenarios at the right moment.

It is crucial to keep the connections alive, and better yet, improve it consistently so that their loyalty and customer lifetime values are protected.

Industry leaders have already started maximizing the benefits of online / omnichannel strategies. 

BBC reported that global automotive industry leaders like Tesla, Mercedez Benz and BMW have already redirected their resources towards online marketing and e-commerce platforms as opposed to relying on customers visiting dealerships.

McKinsey’s study also mentioned how consumers in China have dramatically shifted toward online shopping for all types of goods, including food and produce delivery — and their changing preferences are not likely to go back to pre-outbreak norms.

Forbes also pointed out how online food delivery services have grown significantly due to demand increase in contactless deliveries.

These examples show that quality of online services, delivery of orders and complaints management should be taken into consideration as the new online trend becomes the new normal. So there is significant need for continuous standards implementation, new strategies evaluations and competitiveness audits which can be done with online CSI CX methods.

Final thoughts

While the COVID-19 issue is at rise and we may not be able to be certain when it will significantly subside, however in light of such situation, this is a critical time to continuously gather and fully utilize data to understand the change in customer expectations, needs and purchasing behaviours.

Start evolving and expand your strategic approach with Checker CX solutions that can significantly help address business continuity management, performance benchmarking and sustaining customer loyalty. Help them stay ahead of the game, by making informed-decisions and profit-sustaining-actions as part of their risk mitigation plans.

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