Mobile data collection tool – Checker Field Surveyor

The most advanced offline mobile data collection on the go!

Checker Field Surveyor is the one and only multichannel mobile app with advanced features for on-site data collection in Mystery Shopping, F2F interviews (CAPI) and Retail Audits. 

The ease of information gathering within one mobile device! Get the results you need, all in one place, anytime and anywhere you go!  

It’s just a tap away with this advanced mobile solution, across multiple types of survey/ studies that covers important aspects like: 

  • Works even offline 
  • Includes monitoring capabilities  
  • Data quality enforcement  
  • Error detection features 
  • Language flexibility 
  • Purpose-driven tools 

Checker Field Surveyor consists of specially built data collection tools that works both online and offline.

  • There is no need to worry anymore about internet connectivity when it comes to fieldwork. Mystery Shoppers and surveyors will be able to collect data anytime and anywhere in the app on the mobile devices while offline.  
  • All results will be sync into the database once the mobile is connected to the internet again later on. 
  • Mystery shoppers can access job notifications and scheduling directly in the app ( Job alert / acceptance / rejection of tasks) and add jobs into the calendar of their devices.  
  • Quotas setup in the survey will work normally even offline. Keeping tabs on every person’s progress during site activities is made easier than ever. 

Monitor fieldwork using the integrated geo-location capturing feature.

  • When a surveyor or mystery shopper takes a photo on site, the app will automatically collect EXIF data (time and location details), which are important for media attachments validation and fraud detection during quality control.  
  • Fieldwork progress reports will also show the status of completion for each project onsite. 
  • Take control of data quality and reporting delivery 

Minimize data entry errors by utilizing the questionnaire building and quality control setup tools with pre-defined conditions, logics and mandatory question rules.

  • The app allows live video/ audio recording and file attachment functionality directly from the app, including captures straight from the device’s camera.  
  • All media attachments will be tagged automatically to each individual question for every survey report. 

Optimize localization capabilities for both data gathering and reporting

  • When setting up questionnaires, Checker system allows multiple language setup for localization purposes. The mobile app and your system database, both work in sync with each other.  
  • During fieldwork, the app enables display of the same questionnaire in multiple languages for different shoppers/surveyors; at the same time, end-client reports generated in the online dashboard can be displayed in the language that is pre-set according to end-client’s preferences.  

Retail Audit Functionalities

  • For shelf studies, mapping and monitoring presence of products, comparing with competing product brands, appearance, expiry dates, inventory checks, counter counts…etc. 
  • App includes 5 tabs to perform Shelf studies : Count, Price, Expiration Date, Textual Note and Picture 
  • Product Bar Code Scanner (Barcode, QR codes) for test product selection 
  • Calculation options for counting products (inventory count, shelf facing, product market share…etc.)  

Watch Video – How Checker Field Surveyor App supports Mystery Shopping on the Go :