Mystery Shopper Portal and Data Collection

Facilitate your shoppers by simplifying data collection processes with our user-friendly solutions.

Explore Key Features

With our data collection feature, your shoppers are empowered with personal access to their own secure portals, available on both desktop and our mobile app.

Job Board

Search and apply for jobs, view job details, complete reviews.


Let Shoppers choose their preferred language for the app interface and localized questionnaire versions.

Live media files

Use of app's live video/ audio recording and file attachment functionality to capture rich data during fieldwork.


Complete shopper certifications to be qualified before applying for certain jobs.

Automated mystery calls

Automated dialer and call recorder for mystery calls (VOIP or landline). All records will be auto-recorded and attached to the review, sorted and archived instantly.

Push notifications & alerts

New job alert, deadline reminder, personalized messages at various stages.

Review automation & fraud detection

Enforcement of review automation rules and fraud detection features (GPS, EXIF data, mandatory, validation rules) ensures that real and quality data is collected.

Collect data offline

The mobile app is synchronized with the online system & is designed to work perfectly in remote areas, even without an internet connection.

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