Presenting Checker’s New Update: Pop-up Surveys Widget

pop-up widget

Hello, Checker team here! 

More than two years of COVID has forced brands into taking customer experience seriously. With more and more people changing their buying habits and refusing to buy from brands that provide bad customer journeys – data has now become more valuable than gold. We can see the growing trend of businesses grabbing every opportunity to gather new information, find feedback, and see what they can boost and change to keep their clients (and attract new ones).

For market research/mystery shopping agencies it is an unmatched opportunity to offer the solution for this need to data. By adopting and selling new ways of gathering information, they will not only help the brands but also stay afloat in the business game.

That is why we, Checker, as a professional platform for market research companies explore and look for new data collection tools that can be of service.

So, today, we are delighted to present a new feature that has been added to the system – The Pop-Up widget. This new functionality will allow your clients to smoothly and continuously receive feedback from their website visitors. As a market research agency, you will be able to customize the widget to your client’s needs and likes. 

What is Checker? Checker is an all-in-one platform for mystery shopping and full-on customer experience management. The multi-channel nature of the system allows market research agencies to easily collect, analyze and present data to end clients. More information on the platform you can find on the website.

How the pop-up widget works?

With this new update, you are able to easily create a widget button to be embedded on clients’ websites. It pops up to the visitor and allows them to quickly leave their feedback. The nature of this feature allows customizing the surveys to the specific needs of a client.

pop up survey pop up widget

Use cases

Such a feature can be used for a number of use cases.

Collecting feedback

The most common use for such pop-ups is to gather feedback – for any type of NPS survey, for example. Such a case was displayed on the screenshot above. The customizable nature of the Checker’s pop-ups allows inserting any questionnaire into the widget.

Support form

Want to use it for collecting support tickets? No problem! You will receive every question a visitor leaves directly into the system.

Complaint form

If you are using the Pop-up widget for complaint forms you will be able to keep track of every point you may want to improve. Even more, in the system, it is easy to store, analyze, and even group data by specific parameters: you will never lose or get lost within your complaint tickets.

Marketing surveys

Similarly to feedback, you can just as well add any survey to the widget. If you are about to conduct a marketing survey, you will be able to receive information from the website visitors. Or, by printing the QR code and placing directly in the store to collect feedback from the customers.

…and whatever your imagination suggests! The use cases for the pop-up survey widget include the ones we have just mentioned but are never limited to them. 


Now that you know exactly how the new functionality works, let’s take a quick look at how you can benefit from it.

For you, as a market research/mystery shopping agency

Continuous feedback collecting

By placing the widget on the client’s website you will ensure continuous feedback – or any other data – gathering. With minimal effort on your side, you can always provide results to your clients.

Unique selling opportunity

As we have mentioned, brands are interested in improving CX more than ever before. Having an opportunity to gather data by simply placing 1 widget on the website is a great selling proposition you can offer to your clients.

Easy to create

The shown widget will take no more than a few minutes to create. 

Easy to customize

No matter who you are working with, the flexibility of the widget allows for different designs, and purposes of use. 

For your clients

Awesome way to improve their CX

Placing a widget on the website will take a few minutes, and will possibly gain a ton of feedback. The data gathered will potentially be a direct indication of what they need to do to improve their customer experience.

Easy to embed

Since the system creates a working code, there is no need to write one from scratch. A simple copy-paste is needed to enable the functionality of the website.

QR code

Apart from the embeddable code, the system offers a QR code as well. Your clients can add it wherever they see fit – on printable or digital materials, on a website, or in their physical store. By scanning the QR code, visitors will be transferred directly to the survey.

What do you think?

If you’ve got any feedback, make sure you contact us – we are very focused on providing the best possible experience for you. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the Pop-up widget! See you in the next updates.