CATI Surveys: How to do it right?

2022 is the year of complete digitalization. Before we did see businesses using calls to obtain data from time to time. These days it is considered to be a tactic always at hand. CATI software is now utilized as a tool to automate the process and help eliminate the human factor from the equation.

What is CATI?

CATI stands for Computer automated telephone interviewing. CATI programs offer a full range of tools for telephone interviewing for small and large businesses. They allow to make the overall process easier and get more reliable data from it. Learn more on CATI.

Though with modern CATI software it is quite easy to kickstart a telephonic survey, there are still a few factors you have to take into consideration in order to make the process smooth.

How to improve your CATI Surveys?

Train your surveyors

To have the CATI survey conducted professionally, the surveyors have to be properly trained. It is true that with the right software, the interviewer only needs to be reading out the questions, and put down the answers. However, there is definitely more to the job. A truly well-trained interviewer knows the company policy, and the product they are offering. They are always ready to offer other questions out of the questionnaire range. That said, they are also must be equipped enough to answer the questions asked back by the respondent to clarify any misunderstandings.

Prepare well-written questionnaires

A truly well-written questionnaire should not contain questions difficult for understanding. Try not to bunch up several topics into one sentence, it would be better to split them into different questions. Remember that the longer the question, the harder it is for the respondent to focus and process it. It is also highly recommended to use simple language, without terms or idioms – this way you can reach any respondent – whether you are asking in their native language or not.

Benefit from automated services

A great CATI software allows for a number of automated functions which allow to cut out the human factor for errors. Such functionality includes things like scheduler, statuses, dial, etc. One of the most important things that come from CATI software is the automated logic of questions. The interviewer does not need to skip sections/questions based on answers – the program does it for them. This is where the mentioned elimination of the human factor comes into play: surveyors have no chance to skip the wrong part. 

Now what?

Checker, as a professional market research software, has a CATI module that is perfect in meeting all the points mentioned above.

Easy training and certification process

Built like any other questionnaire, a training one is easily created within the Checker platform. You can add pictures, texts, explanations, and add checking questions to see if the surveyor understood the topic. The certification in Checker can be multi-layered, where you create a whole course that is required to complete before a surveyor gets access to interviewing respondents. 

Simple questionnaire building

With Checker, you can easily create questionnaires for different surveys – including CATI. You can enforce the logic – as easy or difficult as you need. The unique system of questionnaire building is what will allow you to create automated routing for your surveys, in a simple manner.

Automated processes

When creating our CATI module, we made sure to include any possible shortcut to make the process easier both for the interviewer and respondent. With Checker, you can take benefit from automatic dialers, call schedulers, statuses for clients, the mentioned before routing, and more.

Cloud storage

All the data that is added to the system is stored in the cloud storage, which allows you to not be bound to your workplace. Today, working remotely is not uncommon. Checker will be your opportunity to hire surveyors from around the globe, for example, to cover various time zones for conducting surveys.

CATI surveys are a great opportunity to gather data, adjust CX and become more appealing to the customers. And with Checker, CATI surveys can become easier and faster to conduct – with better, more trustworthy results.

If you would like to learn more about how CATI operates in Checker, make sure to visit the dedicated page here.