Using Phone Survey Software (CATI) for 360 Customer Experience (VoC)

Using Phone Survey Software (CATI) to Boost Market Research

There are several market research methods a business can consider engaging in: a phone survey is just one of them. Though seemingly looking a bit outdated, perhaps, with a growing number of brands choosing online surveys instead, this might be just the right one for you specifically. 

You should consider phone surveys as a market research method, if:

  • You want to learn how your customers truly feel about the discussed topic: with telephone surveys, you still get to interact with the brand’s customers and detect the emotions in their responses.
  • You want to provide context to the collected data: with the right phone survey software, such as Checker, you can add notes to every response, and not only record the dry answer.
  • You want to reach a wide sample of respondents: everyone has a phone to call to, meaning you can collect data from a lot of respondents ensuring the reliability of the information.
  • You want to remotely gather information: the team performing the phone survey can be situated anywhere in the world and can work remotely from their homes which can reduce the costs of renting an office and everything it entails.

There is no limit to the types of survey you can perform by phone: customer satisfaction surveys, political polls, social research, anything that your brand needs to be studied.

What is CATI?

What is the meaning of CATI? It stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, and it’s the modern way of conducting phone surveys. 

The process: how does CATI work?

Callers use a phone survey software to ask questions according to the pre-prepared script and record answers when conducting CATI. The true and main benefit of such software is that it allows the caller to fully concentrate on the respondent since it fully takes on the survey’s logic. 

What is CATI used for?

Reliability of the data. 

Since the interview logic is pre-prepared and guided by the application, the chance of getting unreliable data is close to zero. Furthermore, the routing is made automatically based on the answer provided. Hence, the interviewer doesn’t need to stop and think about what question follows next, and they can fully concentrate on the respondent, their emotions, and their attitude towards the topic.

Better reach.

With most actions automated – including dialing, priority calls, audio recording, etc – a lot of time is saved, which can be later spent calling other interviewees. Thus, in the same span of time, the number of people reached is much higher, meaning more data is gathered. The number of people interviewed adds to the quality of data, helping the brand get more holistic and powerful insights.

Instant online database.

All the collected answers are automatically uploaded into an online database as being entered. This allows cutting costs and time spent on the subsequent data input (as there is none). Moreover, the said database is available anywhere anytime, and no single report is ever lost. 

Looking for CATI software? Look no more.

Checker is an omnichannel solution for every type of survey, including CATI. 

customer satisfaction

Within Checker, you will have the opportunity to experience…

Performance-driven tools

A convenient Surveyor portal for your interviewers, outsourced partners, or home-based freelancers was specifically designed to ensure the onboarding and survey itself are as efficient as possible. As a manager, you will have access to an operation panel, with an opportunity to monitor live the performance and every assignment your interviewers have.

Data quality control

The data collected can be double-checked since it has never been easier to attach the audio recordings of the calls. Every interviewer and their performance can be ranked for further assignments.

Flexible dialing options

Within Checker’s CATI software, you have the liberty to pick either a manual or auto-dial. The latter will allow your interviewers to automatically call the next number according to your preset priority settings.

Priority Settings

Depending on the current state of the brand, and the information you want to gather, you can easily create your survey priorities and change them anytime.

Performance metrics

Define and control the performance targets by reviews per hour, average call duration, capacity rate, etc.

call interview performance

Report dashboards

Consolidated live reports and responsive dashboards with an individual design can be presented to end clients right away: no additional time spent to customize the report.

… and a lot more. Checker’s priority is to offer an efficient, holistic tool that will help brands optimize their market research workflow: from setting their goals to acting upon the gathered information. We don’t believe in scattered tools, one for every task there is. Checker is your Swiss-army knife for gathering, analyzing, and acting on data.  

One word from you, and we will organize a walkthrough of the Checker CAPI software: step by step. Should we?

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