Employee Satisfaction Survey: How to?

employee satisfaction surveys

In our previous article, we already touched upon the topic of the Voice of Employee and how important it is to ensure that workers feel at ease at their workplace. Today we are further discussing VoE, delving into the Employee Satisfaction Survey. Keep on reading!

What is a Job Satisfaction Survey (JJS) or an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

The Employee Satisfaction Survey is a set of questions used to understand the level of job satisfaction of employees. The gathered information is then analyzed to detect the pain points. Then, all that is left to do is to come up with a strategy on how to improve the areas that were performing poorly.

Why do you need one?

Increase productivity. Previously in our first article on the topic, we’ve established that an unsatisfied employee is very unproductive. With the Employee Satisfaction Survey, you can find out what measures can be taken to improve satisfaction levels, and thus, productivity too.

Retain employees. It’s not rocket science that unsatisfied employee is not going to last long on the job they don’t like. In today’s climate, it is getting less popular to stay on the job for years. People prefer to cruise through different areas to learn new things. The situation gets even direr if the job conditions are below their standards. The Employee Satisfaction Survey can help an employer increase retention rates, and save costs on re-training new employees all the time.

Increase service. If an employee has no motivation to perform great at their job, they can pour their bad attitude towards your customers. This can badly affect the brand reputation, and diminish your values and company culture.

Employee Satisfaction Questions Examples

In an Employee Satisfaction Survey, you can include questions relating to any area of the position: questions related to workplace culture, management, and the actual job.

  • How challenging is your work?
  • Do you feel stressed at work?
  • Do you feel you are getting paid adequately for the workload you have?
  • Do you feel like you are growing professionally?
  • How many opportunities do you have to get promoted where you work?
  • How likely are you to look for another job outside the company?

How do I create an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

For this, you will need a professional CX platform – like Checker. As an all-in-one CX and VoE platform, it will allow you to easily create survey campaigns, that will be running constantly and regularly: this way you can stay consistent with your research. 

Create your questionnaire with the questions we previously stated, and send it over to your employees. Then, the system will automatically gather the results, which will be then presented on an interactive dashboard for you to analyze.

A professional solution for your CX and VoE needs!

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