Switch to a New Market Research Software For a More Efficient 2022

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Every market research agency once comes to a place of having to change their software. The reasons can differ, maybe it doesn’t allow for scalable growth, or they need a wider variety of tools. Most companies set paths for automatization wanting to make their workflow easier.

However, the decision to switch and move on is more difficult than it appears to be. The process may be time-consuming, and unproductive. The employees may be hard to teach how to use the new market research software tools.

But, it doesn’t have to cause problems. At Checker, we did our best to make sure the switch is as painless and smooth as possible. Keep on reading to learn how we tackled the common issues, and what you can get in the result.

Why are you hesitating to switch to a more efficient Market Research software platform?

There are three most common concerns agencies have about switching to another market research software.

Downtime issue

A switch is always a risk to ‘go offline’ on all projects for a long time, and potentially lose clients. 

Why is it no concern with Checker?

If you decide to move on to Checker, you will have a qualified account manager that will help you kick off all your processes. Apart from that, we are offering our client a full initial setup: the profile, settings, widgets, etc. The interface of the platform is flexible and can be easily adapted to your needs. With that together, you won’t likely have long downtime issues, if any at all.

Data transfer

If you have been in a business for some time, you are likely to have big loads of data that need to be transferred somehow. Manual transfer can contribute to the earlier downtime issues as it can take quite some time to perform.

Why is it no concern with Checker?

We recognize this issue and are offering an import option for almost every data you will ever need to use. You can download a simple template from the system, add in your data and upload the file back. All done, now you’re all set.

Time-consuming training

Getting a new platform means having to dedicate an extended period of time learning and mastering how to use it, teaching the staff, getting the hang of new features, and eventually successfully using new tools for all the ongoing projects.

Why is it no concern with Checker?

We did our best to make sure the training process is quick and informative. We offer webinars, and meetings, where you can invite all your team members altogether. There, our senior managers provide courses on the main platform functionalities and answer any questions you may have. Moreover, within the system, we have created informative guides with videos and screenshots to which you can refer anytime you have troubles.

How can Checker’s market research software make your 2022 more productive?

Now that we have established that the mentioned issues will not be a problem, let’s take a look at why exactly you need to switch to Checker from your current market research software.

Integrated platform for full-cycle surveys & research

One of the most common reasons for data loss is using multiple apps for research. Checker is an integrated platform that can be used to conduct full-cycle market research campaigns: from the client’s profile set up and up to presenting gathered data.

Online availability

All of the collected data, reports, and research interface is available online at all times. You can easily access it from anywhere in the world, without needing to look through folders of PDF presentations.

Custom questionnaire builder with advanced logic

Building questionnaires is one of the main tasks in the process of data research. Checker offers a system where you can enforce any logic into the questionnaire, allowing you to eliminate any human factor from the results. Automatic option picking, skipping sections if a certain answer is chosen, elaborate jumps schemes, and even more.

Built-in QA and anti-fraud tools

Survey data quality is an important topic since no research agency wants to offer their end clients compromised data. Their image is at stake. In Checker, we have a range of anti-fraud and QA tools, that will help responsible people to conduct the assurance process and even do certain things automatically.

How to check survey data quality with Checker? Check out this post where we delve deeper into the topic.

Communication tools

Checker system has a tool that allows to easily communicate within reviews. The parties – the agency, end clients, certain special permissions users – leave their notes, and ping pong the review until everything is finalized. The automatic alerts and notifications allow to always keep up with new comments and possible edits.

User roles & permissions

Checker is a system where you can add users with different permissions. This means that an analyst user that works with graphs and reports creation will not be able to access the management part of the platform. Similarly, you can create users with special rights for QA purposes, for example, or even hire a freelancer that will do the spelling check. When adding a user into the system, you can go over the features and allow access to the ones you see fit.

Branded reports & automatically updated graphs

You will never need to manually create PDF presentations for the collected data. Checker offers you to create interactive dashboards, with all the reports that will be automatically updated as new information is collected and added to the system. Each dashboard can be customized according to the client: structure and design-wise.

Still not convinced?

You can request a demo and we will gladly show you what your market research processes may look like in Checker.

Make my 2022 more efficient!

P.S. We would like to seize this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year! We truly hope that you and your close ones will be healthy and full of enthusiasm for all the great things awaiting ahead. Stay safe and Happy New Year!