The Importance of Checking the Quality of Survey Data

quality of survey data

When brands engage in any CX or VoC research they expect real, reliable survey data out of it. After all, their business decisions depend on it. In order to create a successful brand strategy, it should be based on results that reflect reality. 

That is exactly why the issue of the quality of survey data is raging these days. Software providers are trying to think of new quality checks to include into their workflow just to make sure the data is not compromised.

In today’s article, we will make an overview of what are the main reasons the quality of survey data can be compromised, and what are the tools to combat that.

What can compromise the quality of survey data

Not enough training

Is the surveyor trained enough to perform the survey in the first place? Let’s talk about research like mystery shopping or CATI, for example. Before engaging in collecting data, the surveyor needs to be trained and certified. Otherwise, they will not be able to produce reliable data.

Data transportation through platforms

Using a few different platforms to process a campaign can be a headache and a point where the collected data can be lost. For example, if you have collected information in one app, and then export it to transfer into another one for quality checks, and so on, you are risking a simple error erasing the data altogether. The best solution would be to find an all-in-one platform, allowing to process all steps in one place.

Unreliable and inattentive surveyors

Some surveyors provide half-baked jobs, without paying real attention to what they enter into the questionnaires. To deal with such unreliable users, you repeat the same question in the questionnaire and check if the answer is the same; or, add a single choice question somewhere in the questionnaire asking them to select a specific answer.

Bad questionnaire logics

Badly thought-through questionnaire logic can also compromise data big time. For example, upon answering [Yes] in question 2, in question 3 the answer should automatically be picked as [Yes]. One mistake in the logic design, and the automatic answer can become another one.

How Checker ensures the quality of survey data is top-notch

Training stage

In Checker, we have created a system of certification allowing to train surveyors before they can even apply for the job. The process of the training creation is as simple as creating a questionnaire, where you can offer the relevant information, and even exercises to see how much of the material did the surveyor retain. Such certifications can be multi-level, organized in a whole course. In such a way it is easy to make sure the surveyor is completely qualified for the specific job.

Comprehensive platform

Since Checker is an all-in-one platform, it allows you to conduct all steps of the research in one platform. No need to transfer data, or learn how to use multiple apps. From setting up client profiles, hiring and training surveyors, gathering and analyzing data, and even presenting the information to end clients: all this, and more, can be done using Checker.

Performance tracking

After the surveyor/shopper has performed a job, you can add your grades to their performance indicating how diligent they were, how fast they managed to send in the report, etc. The parameters by which you want to grade the worker are completely up to you and can be easily added to the system. This way you can later on the filter the surveyors by grades and pick the most suitable ones for specific jobs.

Survey rules & automated alerts

Enforce some rules to your surveys, such as proof attachments or mandatory questions – you can, later on, check if those really coincide with the visit/job the surveyor was appointed to. Some of the rules can be programmed in such a way that will not allow proceeding with the next questions unless a certain action is performed.

The system also supports a variety of different automated alerts. You can easily program the alerts to happen on whichever condition you want. For QA purposes you can keep your surveyors aware of the upcoming deadline, or that the new job has been assigned to them. You can also notify them that they are required to complete a certain training/certification to proceed with the next task. Opportunities are limitless.

Survey data modifications tracking

As a part of the QA process, a dedicated manager can check how many modifications have been done to a certain review. By modifications, we mean how many times another manager asked the surveyor to make edits (attach files, add comments, elaborate on answers).

Survey data handling

After the survey has been submitted by the surveyor, it is possible to go over the answers, make spelling checks, add comments. This way you can make sure that the end client receives the best possible results, and your professionalism is not at stake.

QA process delegation

Thanks to the ability to create users with multiple levels of permissions, even the QA stage of the reviewing process can be split and appointed to different people. The editor can perform the spelling checks, the analyst can take notes of the collected data, etc. The stages are defined by you, according to the specific brand’s needs.

Anti-fraud tools

Last but not least, Checker is focused on providing all the tools for making sure no fraud takes place. 

GPS tracking

Checker app tracks where the review started and where it was submitted, using the phone GPS location. This way, it is easy to check if the shopper, in fact, visited the needed mystery shopping location.

Time and date stamps

This function places a time stamp on the pictures the reviewer takes using the app – to confirm the exact date when this picture was taken.

Validation questions

This option will pull up a random question from the questionnaire again at the very end. The idea is to see if the reviewer picks the same answer twice.

checker anti-fraud measures

Those are just a few of the anti-fraud tools that Checker provides. Want to learn more? Check out the dedicated article!

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