Brand Awareness Survey: How to Create [+Templates]

Brand Awareness Survey

We are living in the age of brands. Today, if you want to be remembered and chosen constantly, you have to create a strong brand presence on the market. To do that, you need to make sure that people recognize your logo, know what products you sell, and what first comes to mind, when they think of your brand. So, it all boils down to your Brand Awareness. 

Brand Awareness is a metric that encompasses four different points:

  • Brand recognition: how good people know your brand.
  • Brand recall: is your brand the first thing that comes to mind, when thinking about the product/service you sell.
  • Brand identity: do people know your mission/vision?
  • Brand image: what is the first thing that comes to mind when people think about your brand?

All these things comprise brand awareness – a metric, allowing you to learn how aware the target audience is of your brand’s existence, and how it is perceived.

What is a Brand Awareness Survey?

A brand awareness survey is a questionnaire allowing you to learn your brand awareness score.

With the help of the brand awareness survey, you can find out the relationship between your business and consumers. 

Why it can help your business? + Brand Awareness Survey template questions

Learn how your customers perceive your brand

Is it how you intended them to? Brand awareness surveys can help you see if what you transmit into the world aligned with your vision and mission. You can use questions like:

  • Who, do you think, can benefit from our product?
  • Our product is most suitable for…?
  • If [your brand] was a person, how would you describe that person?

Target ads better

The results of the brand awareness survey may be used to calibrate your ads outreach. For example, you may find out that younger people do not know much about your brand, but older do. Or, men know more than women. 

Learn if you stand out from your competitors

Questions similar to the following ones may help you pinpoint if your competitors have a better presence than you do.:

  • When you think about this product, what brand comes to mind first? 
  • When thinking about other companies that provide product X, which brands come to mind? 
  • Which brands do you purchase product X from?

See what points of communication are the most effective for your customers

Ask where did the user learn about your brand. Through ads? Or newsletter? This will allow you to dedicate budgets better to channels that work best.

See if your values and vision are known to your customers

You can provide some messaging and let the user pick one that they correlate to your brand. 

  • Which (if any) of the following messages do you associate with our brand?
  • Rank the following values, from the one you think, is closest to our brand, to the one that is furthest.

Find out what the user liked/disliked about their interaction with your brand

  • Describe your overall experience with our brand.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend [your brand] to friends and family? 

How to create a brand awareness survey?

If you want to have multiple, and regular survey campaigns, store and track all the results – software like Checker is the best option. Suited for research companies and brands alike, the platform will keep track of the data – you will be able to clearly check the progress that you have made.

Step 1: Define the format

Do you want your survey to pop-up on the website? Sent out through Emails? Be displayed as an Ad on the Youtube video? 

Decide on the format that will work best for you and your audience.

Step 2: Creare a questionnaire

Using Checker builder, creating a questionnaire won’t take long. Simply put in your questions, and enforce any logic you see fit – or no logic at all.

Step 3: Make public

Your survey will go online or be sent out to the entire database of recipients with a single click.

Step 4: Analyze your data

The graphs and stats can be then easily, and automatically created based on the answers provided.

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