CX Trends For 2022 And Further

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There is no secret already, after years of pandemics, that the current market landscape has changed drastically. Where before brands could overlook certain CX elements, today it is unimaginable. 

The market has changed – so did the trends.

Brands worldwide react to the new consumer behaviors and priorities. The pandemic has risen the standard: today people not only look for product quality, but also for the vision behind the brand. How it positions itself, what trends follow, how ethical it is towards its own employees and the world, etc.

Market research companies are now hired all over to help find out the consumer needs and tailor experiences.

In other words, CX is all rage. But what exact elements are trending?

CX trend #1: Employee experience

The way a brand’s employees feel always seeps through to its customers. A satisfied employee is more inclined to provide better services and be more polite in interactions. Employee experience (EX) includes a list of elements, like the onboarding process, work environment, the quality of software tools used on the corporate level, etc.

Taking care of the employees’ engagement levels, their well-being, and safety during the crisis is the way to gain respect among the customers.

We have seen huge brands lose their following due to the lack of empathy towards their own workers when the COVID hit. Customers demand a decent attitude towards employees, otherwise, they actively boycott the business – with no regard for how big/small it may be.

CX trend #2: Hyper personalization

Over the last years – even before COVID – we have seen a gradual rise in the popularity of personalization. We have all received personal letters or birthday cards sent by businesses. Netflix went further and is offering all their dashboard based on the person’s former behavior: recommendations and even the movie posters are all catered personally.

Customers today more than ever want to feel noticed and one of the kind. The feeling of being acquainted on a personal level with the brand helps develop loyalty and dedication towards the said brand. 

To engage in this CX trend, companies need to juggle real-time data (website behavior, active times, purchase history, etc) with a deep understanding of their needs and feelings.

The level of personalization is defined case-be-case, it can only reflect in catered recommendations, or go further to individualized offers, etc.

CX trend #3: Data timing

Real-time data is what helps brands to react and adjust quickly to changing behaviors. Just about two years ago, it was completely normal to collect data, group it, create presentations and send it over the span of 2-3 days, if not a week. Today, it is not effective. Research agencies need to look for solutions, allowing to offer real-time data. Even more, information not only needs to be updated constantly but be fully available online.

CX trend #4: Omnichannel experience 

Businesses do not limit their data collections to only a few outlets – they look for a comprehensive approach, that will allow tapping into each possible channel. Thus, to reach as many people as they possibly can, and find opinions of all layers of their target audience.

What is Checker?

Checker is a multichannel platform for CX & VoX Research agencies allowing to collect, analyze and present data. Here is how Checker can help your market research agency hop on the trends and offer more value to your clients:

  1. Surveys of varying kinds

Checker is an omnichannel platform, that can help you start collecting data from multiple channels. This is due to a long list of surveys that can be conducted through the platform – from extensive remote telephonic (CATI) surveys to customer experience polls embedded on the website.

  1. Anti-fraud functionality and powerful data quality control

Data quality is one of the main focuses we had while creating the Checker platform. We all realize that compromised data is time and money wasted for your clients. To make sure you provide your clients with high-quality information only, we added a list of anti-fraud, and double-checking tools. Among them you will find validation questions, failed answer logic detection, GPS tracking for mystery shopping campaigns, and more.

  1. All-in-one cohesive platform

With Checker you will not need a dozen of apps to simply go through with surveying or conducting a mystery shopping campaign. Checker is the only app that you need for every step – from creating a questionnaire, gathering data, and presenting everything on an interactive dashboard.

  1. Real-time data updates

Speaking of interactive dashboards. With Checker you will never need to create presentations or PDF documents. Use our branded dashboards, with automatically created charts, and real-time data updates.

interactive data reports

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